Shin Yamazawa, Photo: Takuya Yamaguchi

Shin Yamazawa (Chiba, Japan, 1954)

My career as a photographer began at an advertising agency in Japan where I worked for 10 years. Many of the jobs were for foreign companies, mainly from Europe. I got fascinated by European culture. As time went by, the dream of working in Europe became clearer.

29 years have passed since I opened the studio in Madrid.

The first ten years I struggled every day with two quite different ways of seeing life, such as the Japanese and the Spanish are.

It was in Europe where I realized that photography is not only a matter of technique or beauty of images, but one must also find a way to express oneself as an individual. The main thing is the power of expressiveness.

My goal is the creation of my own universes through color and form.

Shin Yamazawa background image