Prints &Licensing:The photographs are reproductions of the original works on photographic paper signed by the author. Those could be the perfect present for a person who loves photography, nature and art. The photos also have value for art collectors.

We guarantee the quality of the photos acquired.Those are printed at a trusted photography laboratory. The paper used for the photographic prints is Hahnemühle which is used for art exhibitions by museums and art galleries.
The artworks are limited editions of a maximum of 50 reproductions with the authors signature behind.

24×30 cm. Limited edition of 50 copies.
50×75 cm. Limited edition of 50 copies.
60×100 cm. Limited edition of 50 copies.

Regarding the size, the photos could possibly deviate slightly based on the original works. Shipping costs and VAT are included in the price.
The series for sale are Taste of Italy, Whim of Color and Flamenco at Midniht.